Nervous Dog

Many dog owners have a dog that is unhappy or downright frightened by a wide and varied assortment of circumstances or happenings. We'd all like our pets to be calm and happy, and I suspect that we all understand that it's probably our fault that our pet behaves in the way that he or she does. It's possible to get help from a behaviorist, but the cost of this is quite often high and it's quite amazing how our pet will behave totally differently when in close proximity of the trainer, only to once more become a nervous wreck or the local bully once left to his own devices. 

I'm going to suggest a couple of products that I've found to be helpful in certain circumstances. They have worked for me and my friends but there's absolutely no guarantee that they will work in your particular case. All I'm suggesting is that you can try one of these products without breaking the bank, you might be pleasantly surprised by the results.

The products that we suggest on this site have been found to help control or prevent fear related signs in puppies and adult dogs. It can be used for events inside and outside the home such as :

- Adjusting to a new environment (new home, strangers, kennels)

- Socialisation

- New and unpredictable situations

- Fear related behaviour outside the home (traffic, other dogs, fireworks, thunderstorms, gunshots etc.)

- Separation anxiety

- Car travel


Some of these products can be bought from vets or pet stores but you will find that the prices offered online will normally be considerably cheaper. You will find online prices HERE.

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