Moving House Can Be A Stressful Time For Our Pets

Everybody that has ever moved house knows that it can be an incredibly stressful time. Those stress levels rise even further when there's a pet dog involved. All of the changes involved in making the move can be even more challenging when you have a dog.

dog moving house

Moving home is such a stressful time but please bear in mind that it's just as bad for the dog !



Preparing to leave your old property can be as worrying as the move itself. Familiar settings are disrupted as furniture gets moved and belongings are packed away. Your dog will wonder who all these strangers are (potential buyers, inspectors, movers, etc.) and what's happening to his familiar "territory" (changed location of sleeping places etc.)

These pet calming products can help your dog to get through this worrying period. They bring a degree of calm and serenity which can be very useful when dealing with dogs made distraught by the hectic comings and goings of moving house.

A good plan whilst you are still in your old house and confusion is beginning to reign is to designate a room to remain just for your pet while the move proceeds around them. Place their regular bed, familiar toys, food and water bowls into the room. This way they'll have a reassuring (if rearranged) space to spend the moving process in. It will also minimize the chance of escape by anxious animals while people are coming and going from your house more than usual.